Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Empanadas are the new cupcakes

Anyone wanna go to Williamsburg to get an empanada?

Ugh. Me neither.

Let's listen to more Animal Collective.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Any day now...

...She's going to be crawling. She spends the majority of her waking hours rocking around on all fours. I have to admit my feelings are mixed. I'm excited for her, but not looking forward to all the chasing in my future.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Thousand Words

Posted by: Cal

I love teh Internets, I freaking love them. What I don't love, though, is digital. Some of my fave albums I own on vinyl. Not that I dislike MP3s, there's just something to be said about the tangible. The touchable. The artwork.
I also can't stand digital photography. I understand some artists can shoot digital and still take fantastic photos, but there's really something to be said for film. The quality. The suspense. Looking at prints from a roll for the first time.
So, for the first time ever, dear readers, here are some of my 35mm photos of Cleo:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Time Traveling at 7 Months

I've been a negligent blogger. I've let the fast pace of summer distract me from appropriate baby updates. But I am on track for a 7-month update, filled with 'old' pictures that will take us back in time all the way to May. Hold on to your seats, dear reader(s)!

Cleo -

You are now seven months old. In my mind, your biggest advancement is that your smile has changed. It now involves more upper gum and extremely cute nose scrunching. It's like you've transitioned from baby smile to little girl grin! It has happened just in this last week, so I have yet to capture it on camera.

Your interest in food may have just taken a turn. In the last few days I've given you rice cereal and then potatoes, and for the first time you stopped immediately pushing them out with your tongue. Now, you haven't exactly started taking bites of food, but this is still an advancement. I suspect your palate is going to vastly expand during your seventh month. Oh, and last weekend your great aunt Val fed you buttercream frosting while I wasn't looking. If you develop a dairy allergy in the future, I'm really sorry, blame your great aunt Val.

You've been quite the social butterfly lately, as we've traveled across the state a few times to see different family members, and you continue to spend time with friends at home. Below is a picture of you with Ryan. He's just three weeks younger than you and cute as can be. And he apparently loves your shark as much as you do.
Back to the family members part, you took your first trip to the Keyes family estate, Bigwater, over Memorial Day weekend. Here are pics below of you with Uncle Tannar, second cousin Kyan, Great Grandma and Grandpa Keyes, and Aunt Shaylee. For the record, the scratches on your Great Grandpa's face are from a motorcycle accident, caused in part by Kyan. It was quite the event. Cleo, not only do you have great grandparents, but they are all active and awesome. I hope you realize how fortunate you are in this respect.

For the last month, your Daddy has been very busy at work. He is a publicist for a film festival and has been so busy he's barely seen us.

When he finally was home, he took tons of time to cuddle and love on you. One day he dressed you in overalls that belonged to him when he was a baby. You looked so adorable in your farmer pants I couldn't resist taking a picture.
We rounded out the month by heading to Lake Chelan. I've been going to Chelan since I was a little girl and it was a strange sensation to arrive with my little girl for the first time. We went swimming together in the pool, since you're still a bit small for the super cold lake, and you loved it. I suppose I should get used to this strange nostalgic feeling that you inspire so often.

Beebs, you are awesome. Each day with you is a joy. You make me laugh and inspire me. Smooching you is my favorite thing to do.

I love you!