Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fetus Names

posted by: Cal

We have fetus names. I don't know if past generations did this, named their children while still in the oven, with names they didn't intend on naming them. Our generation does this kind of stuff, though. I'm sure older generations think it's weird or whatever. It probably is twee, but that's what our generation does. Anyway, we have fetus names.
We don't know the gender of our yet-to-be-born child, so in the meantime we have two fetus names, one for each gender (until we get the news of the gender, which we are going to have relayed to us).

Boy fetus name: Damascus Pinkerton, International Spy

Girl fetus name: Tammy Wynette

So there ya go.

And here's another video for your viewing pleasures. This is where the title of the blog came from: